Image-based research workshop in Vienna

I just came back from Austria where I was invited by the Iconicom project (thanks Maria and Aglaja) of the University of Vienna. We had a great (in)formal workshop about image-based research that turned out to be a very theoretical and epistemological in the issues we dealt with. I presented my work on digital photography practices and discussed some methodological and ethical issues and some of the findings. In the second part of the workshop, I wanted to raise the question of ethics and how they approach it in their research, after which they presented their very interesting research on images (snapshots and political ones). We had some nice critical engage with each other’s different points of view. For me the big challenge is how to combine the formal characteristics of the images (in a more semiotic fashion) with the concept of practices that I’ve been using in my own work. At the end, the important thing is that we realized how our research is complementary in many ways and we opened the door for future collaboration (although I’m deeply interested and looking forward to read their paper on the concept of “authorship”).

I had one day of snow, one sunny day, Apfelstrudel, Klimt, Bier and met some great people that are already friends. Vienna Style. So, danke schön.

ImagenFrom the series: “Vienna Calling”

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