On ethnographies, documentaries and collaboration


The three films produced by Studio 12 and Left Eye Blind are online at the BBC Three Fresh Website:

Writing Britain: Mandlenkosi Maposa
“Live how you sleep. Live how you dream.” Ma reflects on the power of dreams in this uplifting
Writing Britain: Saph Holden
Addressed to Mr Cameron and Michael Gove the film is an agonizing tale of her teenage self and how she coped with the death of her sister at this time.
Writing Britain: Hassan Abdullahi
This film provides a poetical perspective on growing up in Leeds.

I strongly recommend that you watch them. As part of my ethnographic work with Studio 12, we did a supporting documentary for the films (below). There are multiple and interesting ways to explore collaboration between academia, third sector organizations, government and, upon all: people. Engaging in media production is one of them. As Sarah Pink states in her text: “Applied, activist and public uses of (audio)visual anthropology allow, in a very direct way, the experiences of those who are normally invisible to be seen and their voices and feelings to be heard”

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