Onlife Ethnography: Researching Technologically Mediated Worlds (notes for a presentation)

Notes for the talk Oxford Digital Ethnography Group Seminar Series. March, 2014.

Acknowledgements and presentation

It feels good to be back at the OII. Many thanks to Heather Ford, Shireen Walton and the rest of the Oxford Digital Ethnography group for the invitation. I want to specially thank Eric T. Meyer for all his support to my career and his confidence in my work. It is a huge responsibility to be here while my predecessors in these series are people that I deeply admire and have read for inspiration and knowledge.

Since I’m still an apprentice I feel free to still experiment so, this paper is not an academic paper as usual, it is more a series of aloud reflections that I want to share with you all this afternoon. The plan for today is as follows: a small introduction to my personal history with digital ethnography, an introduction to my work about digital photography practices, and I’ll be discussing how I did it and what methodological decisions I took, focusing specifically in the role of the ethnographer in mediated settings, the construction of the field, the relevance of ethical decision-making, and some ideas about tools to gather analyse and present data in technologically mediated settings. But, since Helen told me this was an informal seminar, somehow this is a presentation à la carte. Please stop me in any specific moment if you are curious or interested in know more about a particular point. The ultimate goal of this talk is to share some thoughts about how I’ve been doing ethnographic research in mediated settings for more than a decade now. Continue reading “Onlife Ethnography: Researching Technologically Mediated Worlds (notes for a presentation)”