Co-creation and Participation as a Means of Innovation in New Media: An Analysis of Creativity in the Photographic Field (new article)

It is not always easy to co-author a paper with someone. I’ve come to understand that the process of writing is indeed a process of dialogue and learning about other’s points of views (and yours as well). I’m really proud that a paper I participated in (I have to say that the soul of the paper is based on her effort and interesting ideas) has just been published. In my career I’ve published with many colleagues and it has always been inspiring and a great lesson so, thank you for sharing this dialogue with me, Gemma. The full text is here and this is the abstract

This study endeavors to shed some light on the notion of co-creation in the global context of new media user participation and its relationship with innovation. First, the different discourses surrounding the notion of co-creation will be discussed, which are mainly addressed to industry-oriented projects. Alternatively, a nondirected case study focused on digital photography will be presented, enabling an analysis of co-creation through the lens of the theories of creativity. Consequently, through connecting creativity with our fieldwork, we suggest that the transformation of a cultural field by means of co-creation can lead to innovations that affect the entire field.

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